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Friday, April 26, 2013


It's Friday morning and I'm so ready for school to be over this week. Last weekend, I went camping and didn't get much sleep. The weekend before that, I was at Coachella, so I didn't get any sleep then either. I'm not complaining; it was my decision to use my weekend like that and not sleep (I totally do not regret going to Coachella). It's just that after 2 weeks of non-stop work, I'm extremely excited to do things that I want to do and actually relax when I get back from school today. Here's what I'm planning:

1. Read a book.
Right now, I'm reading The Great Gatsby. I've recently started reading a lot more, and I love it. Its nice to be in a different world for a little bit. Recent books that I've read and loved: Looking for Alaska - John Green, An Abundance of Katherines - John Green, and Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell.

2. SLEEP!!!
Take a nap! I know it sounds sorta stupid but its awesome. Who doesn't like sleeping? I love taking short naps when I get home from school or before dinner.

3. Get your work done.
If you have any homework or tests to study for, do it right when you get home from school on Friday. Saturday is my I'm-not-doing-any-homework-don't-try-to-make-me day, so if I can get it all done on Friday, that's great. Plus, you won't have to do it on Sunday or be stressed about it the whole weekend.

4. Clean/organize your stuff.
I don't know if it's just me, but cleaning out my backpack, desk, and other random crap in my room relaxes me. I like my stuff to be organized and neat, and when it is, I'm calmer. I like to play some calm tunes on my iHome stereo and clean little sections of my room at a time. Its nice.

5. Do what you want.
All week, you have to go to school, study for tests, do homework, wake up early, etc. And if you're me and have a dress code at school, it takes five million hours to pick what I'm gonna wear each day so that I'm not breaking the rules. Once the weekend starts, do things you want to do like staying up later, watching a movie, spending the whole night on tumblr, or playing music. Be creative and have an awesome time.

Side note: You don't need to hang out with friends after school all of the time! If you're like me, you'll like your own company. It's nice to be alone and have Vampire Weekend dance parties.

xx Alyssa

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Earth day was Monday, but at my school we celebrated it last week. In honor of this awesome holiday celebrating the world we live on, I wanted to show you three of my favorite earthy t-shirts!

earth day t-shirts

Left: ASOS Peeking Kitten tank
I orded this tank from ASOS and I absolutely love it! It fits perfectly and the little kitten is so adorable. I'm a huge cat person and this is like, totally awesome.

Middle: Vampire Weekend "Modern Vampires of the City" T-Shirt
YAY FOR MERCH STANDS!!! I got this t-shirt at Coachella. I wore it at my school's Earth Day celebration on Friday because of all the pretty flowers. 

Right: Wildfox Rainbow Horse T-Shirt
I love this shirt. I got it for Christmas, and it's so unbelievably soft. Above comfort, this shirt has an awesome horse print with a magical, girly rainbow overlayed. Perfect!!!

What are you doing/did you do to celebrate Earth Day?

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

COACHELLA 2013: Weekend 1 Roundup & Advice

If you haven't been reading my blog, I just came back from Coachella Weekend 1, my first Coachella (and music festival) ever. It was one of the best weekends of my life, and I wanted to share it with you all! 

Here's the sets I saw each day of the festival.

Of Monsters and Men
Passion Pit
Local Natives
Beach House
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Wombats
Ben Howard
Danny Brown
Ben Howard
Portugal. The Man
Grizzly Bear
The Postal Service
Two Door Cinema Club

Little Green Cars
The Airborne Toxic Event
Kurt Vile and the Violators
The Lumineers
Tame Impala
Social Distortion
Vampire Weekend

Bands I have new love for: Little Green Cars, Local Natives
Best crowds: Vampire Weekend, The Lumineers, Two Door Cinema Club
Best sing-alongs: A-Punk (Vampire Weekend), Stubborn Love (The Lumineers), What You Know (Two Door Cinema Club), Such Great Heights (The Postal Service)

10 things I would recommend you do at the festival:
1. Even if EDM isn't your thing, go to the Sahara tent for at least one set. I went the first night and got a pair of crazy (free, even better) light-diffracting glasses. It was so much fun.
2. Go on the ferris wheel once. It's huge and I loved seeing the whole festival from the very top!
3. Take advantage of the sponsor tents. I went in the H&M tent countless times for air conditioning, free wifi, and giant mirrors with face wipes, sunscreen, and dry shampoo. It was awesome.
4. Get the pizza multiple times. It's delicious, I promise.
5. The salads are really good too. I had the Lemon Caesar on the last day, and I regret not getting it before.
6. Buy your merch when you have a break between sets earlier in the day (and earlier in the weekend, if possible). I got both of my t-shirts on Friday between Beach House and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and there was no line.
7. If you're going to get anything from the record store, get it on the last day and have them hold it during the day (it's free).
8. Bring a refillable water bottle and try to fill it whenever you're near the water station. It's free and totally worth it when you're packed in a crowd during the middle of day.
9. If you want to get to the front of a set, go to the set before and try to push your way up. When the set before ends, charge to the front. In the mess of most people leaving that stage, you'll be able to squeeze way closer. It's especially easy if the act before is polar opposite to the act you're waiting for (in my case, Danny Brown and Ben Howard).
10. If you don't want to rent a locker but still need to carry a lot of stuff, bring a small backpack that has adjustable straps. During sets like Two Door Cinema Club and Vampire Weekend, I tightened the straps all the way so that it wouldn't bug me while I was jumping. At The Wombats, I had enough space that I just put my bag on the ground in front of me.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Check out what I'm bringing in my bag to the actual festival!

I'm bringing Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunblock in 70 SPF and an old kids sunscreen stick for my face and lips.

Phone charger and wall adapter
They have charging stations inside of the festival, and I also want to charge my phone in my room.

These are Ray-ban's Clubmasters in black. Make sure your sunglasses actually protect against UV rays!

Mini flashlight
I'm bringing this for when it gets dark so I don't get lost or loose my friends. Also it has a watermelon print and it's really cute.

My hair is wavy and thick, so it's gonna get hot and gross on my neck during the day. To avoid that, I'm bringing thick hairbands.

I promise I'm not bringing ones to the festival, it was just for the picture! I've read that most vendors only take cash, and I don't even have a credit card so that would be stupid.

I have a billion of these single wipes, which are awesome for before and after eating as well as after you venture into the port-a-potties.

Plastic water bottle
Coachella doesn't allow metal water bottles inside, so I'm definitely bringing a plastic one to stay hydrated. This one takes up as little space as possible and still carries a substantial amount of water.

Not pictured:

Cell phone
Obviously!!! I'm also writing my friends' numbers on my arm in case my phone dies.

Full setlist
I think Coachella gives booklets when you get in the festival with the setlist and maps and stuff, but I'm gonna print an extra copy for each day just in case.

Map of the grounds
Again, I think this is in the booklet but I don't want to get lost.

Me and my friends are working out our conflicts and making a custom setlist before the festival. We're each gonna have a copy so that we can see as many of the acts we wanted to catch as possible. Also, if one of us gets lost, we'll know where the others are.

xx Alyssa

Friday, April 5, 2013


denim on denim on denim

I'm loving denim right now. All shades, textures, and pieces. I have a lot of denim shorts, but I'd love a light-wash, oversized denim jacket! And these denim flatform shoes are awesome.

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


the athlete

Really loving the 'athletic' look right now. I'm dying for a pair of sneakers like these...

xx Alyssa