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Thursday, June 27, 2013


As I'm writing this, the sun is rising from behind the hills outside my bedroom window. I'm normally not up this early, and I can't remember the last time I've actually seen the sunrise. 


P.S. - I featured this same dress in blue here!
xx Alyssa

Friday, June 21, 2013


I am writing this at 5:08 in the morning in an effort to lessen the horrible jetlag I will have in Europe. I'm leaving tomorrow morning, so for the past three days, I've been waking up an hour earlier. Hopefully it'll help.

Since I'm going to be boarding two planes for a combined total of more than 12 hours tomorrow, I wanted to share some tips on what I'm wearing for the flight. 

What To Wear On An Airplane

Top: I like to wear baggy t-shirts, mainly because they're super comfortable. Plus, if you're getting too warm, a flowy t-shirt will keep you cooler than something tight.

Jacket/Sweater: Normally, planes are cold. If the place you are landing in isn't super hot, wearing a chunky jacket or sweater on the airplane is a good idea and will give you a little more room in your suitcase.
Pants (LEGGINGS!!!): I cannot stress enough how awesome leggings are. They're extremely comfortable, and they can feel like sweatpants without having to actually wear sweatpants. Just make sure the pair you have isn't see-through.

Shoes: For on your feet, wear the heaviest pair you planned to bring (as long as they're not heels - ugh it makes my feet hurt just thinking of it). Although my heaviest item are my rain boots (going to Ireland, people!), I'm opting for my vintage Dr. Marten.

xx Alyssa

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I'm leaving for Europe on Saturday and I cannot wait! I thought I'd tell you guys some of the stuff I'm bringing on my carry-on bag, giving you a few pointers along the way.

A new magazine because I get really bored on airplanes.
My favorite headphones to listen to tunes and cancel out crying babies!
A travel journal to write some thoughts before I land.
A beanie to keep my hair from going crazy.
My required summer reading book, The Importance of Being Earnest.
Fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm.
My phone.
A change of clothes.
An extra sweatshirt.

Basically, bring stuff that'll entertain you, especially if the airplane you're going on doesn't have a movie (or entertainment at all). I'm bringing a change of clothes in case my luggage gets lost (ugh please no), but I may change into them when I land anyway... I will be gross after a 12+ hour flight with connections. The extra sweatshirt can keep me warm OR serve as an extra blanket/pillow. Ok I'm really excited yay.

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

OBSESSION: Pinafore Dresses

pinafore dresses

For some reason, I am obsessed with pinafore dresses right now. They are so cute, and perfect for layering over a tank or t-shirt in the summer. They're super convertible too, because wearing a long-sleeve and tights under one is great for colder weather! I'm debating wether to sew a pinafore dress myself of buy one... I'm impatient! I don't like waiting for shipping!! :( These three pinafore dresses are totally cute, and they're on the top of my list.

xx Alyssa

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Ha ha ha.... Finals. My first Final Exam is tomorrow and I cannot wait! (sarcasm intended). To keep us sane, I have a few songs to get me and you (if you're still in school.... if not, I'm jealous) through exams. 

Good luck. To quote a fantastic movie, "We're all in this together".