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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

WHAT I WORE: Arctic Monkeys/Vampire Weekend concert

Hello lovelies!! I guess you could call this an outfit of the day if you really wanted too, but it's really windy and cold and I'm tired and I don't really care what the title of this post is so make it up or something.

ANYWAYS I SAW ARCTIC MONKEYS FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER and Vampire Weekend (who I've seen twice before) over the weekend at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas and it made me very happy. They were both fabulous, as well as all of the other bands that played.

I decided to channel both bands in my outfit with my reference to "Knee Socks" by Arctic Monkeys (sky blue Lacoste and knee socks)... and I threw in a plaid skirt for preppy Vampy Weeks vibes :)

arctic monkeys/vampire weekend concert

I got my tights from Target and my skirt from Brandy Melville, but otherwise, everything is exact. Oh, and I wore my brother's light blue polo that wasn't Lacoste but whatever. 

xx Alyssa