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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Hellooooo lovelies! I don't feel too bad about my procrastination of this post because as I write this in California it is 8:29, and therefore, not 2015 in any part of the United States. I did it! I made a playlist of all of the songs that I discovered/listened to endlessly this year. This is basically the soundtrack to my 2014, and although it is great, I can't wait to discover loads of new artists/songs/albums in 2015.

I also wanted to make a little list of the things that I did that made this year memorable:
-dyed my hair darker brown
-got a second piercing on my left ear (today!)
-took my first college entrance exam
-learned how to drive and got my dream car, a volkswagen beetle
-played high school level soccer
-went to England to visit my friend and made the best memories
-went to Coachella 
-travelled to Africa and went on Safari
-watched loads of movies and got into a bunch of new artists

I cannot wait for 2015. Happy New Year! 

xx Alyssa

Monday, December 29, 2014

HAUL: Christmas

Hellooooo lovelies! I just wanted to share with you what I got for Christmas to inspire any post-Christmas/Hanukkah gift card/money shopping! Woooooohooo!

San Cisco concert Tickets, Rookie Yearbook 3, American Apparel Dress, "I Forget Where We Were" by Ben Howard on vinyl
Chelsea Boot Dr. Martens

(not pictured) Plaid Brandy Melville shirt
Felt Hat from Urban Outfitters

Happy holidays everybody!
xx Alyssa

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Helloooo lovelies! 
I used to really dislike California. It was my 7th-9th grade "I'm so cool and different" phase. I hate how hot it was, the way valley girls spoke, and how everyone cared way too much about the Kardashians and stupid boys who shouldn't be famous. 

Then, I realized how cool California is; the surfing culture, San Francisco, all of the beautiful mountains up where it actually snows, the sunrises along the beach, etc. I got a mix CD from a pen pal in England a few weeks ago, and when I popped it in the car on the drive up to San Francisco, the opening track ("California Daze" by Peace) fit perfectly with the mood and the scenery.

My best friend took this picture of me at the skate park in Venice Beach. It's so California. I wish I could skate... Oh well!!

xx Alyssa

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Velvet & Pleats

Hello lovelies!! It's almost the holidays (AKA winter break) and I am so excited. All of the lights and decorations are up at my house! With Winter in the air, the following weather pattern has descended over Southern California: freezing in the morning, normal temperature in the afternoon. So I'm wearing long sleeves and skirts. Too hot for pants and a jacket, too cold for crop tops.

Top: velvet green long-sleeve crop (Rokit Vintage, Covent Garden, London)
Skirt: white vintage tennis skirt from San Francisco (Haight)
Shoes: Dr. Martens 1461s

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO: Pins & Buttons

Helloooo lovelies! As you probably know, I love/am obsessed with little buttons and pins. I just think they are the best. I put them on my (numerous) denim jackets, blazers, sweaters, backpacks, etc... I really can't get enough. Here are some from my recent trip to San Francisco!

Stanford pin (from Stanford University), Pink Cadillac (not pictured) from a town on the drive up, Bismuth from the Fisherman's Wharf building, Classic Train pin from a train museum near the wharf, Keith Haring pins from the De Young museum, pressed sunflower pin (not pictured) from booths next to the wharf.

xx Alyssa

Monday, December 1, 2014

BLACK FRIDAY HAUL: San Francisco (+ vintage!!!)

Hello lovelies!!! I've just come back from an awesome trip to San Francisco (why I wasn't posting last week), and I want to show you what I got on Black Friday in the Haight area of the city!

Vintage skirt, $22
Vintage Nordic sweater, $18
Checker flannel dress, $14

I'm soooo happy I found this skirt because it looks exactly like the American Apparel tennis skirt (that I have in black, but I really wanted white too) and was half the price. Success :)

xx Alyssa

Friday, November 21, 2014


Helloooo lovelies! So, it's rival week in the world of (american) football, and that means that UCLA is playing USC. Both of my parents went to UCLA, and I've taken summer programs there and gone to camps they've run. I'm 100% Bruin!!!

At school, we're all dressing up in either blue and gold or red and gold (ew) to show support for either side (again, ew... who would support USC?). 

I got these awesome socks at the Bruin store. BEAT SC!!!

xx Alyssa

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Helloooo lovelies! So recently, I've connected with a bunch of awesome girls on Instagram (@alyszsa) and have begun to correspond with them over sssnnnnaaaail mail!!! How fun!! I've gotten some great playlists/CDs from my penpals, and I thought I'd take pictures of them cause they are so frickin cute :)

Two CDs from England, and a playlist from Norway!!! I love international friends. These letters are the best and I will keep them forever... so lovely. 

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Hello lovelies!!! This past Sunday, I drove out to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena for the flea market they have on occasion. It's huge and has basically anything anyone would ever ask for.

I got this awesome furry denim Levi's jacket, some high-waisted Levi's jeans (in normal denim wash, not pictured), and these adorable buttons from a couple who travels the US buying and selling vintage clothes. Basically, my dream career. They were so lovely and I wanted to buy everything, but settled on the buttons!!

xx Alyssa

Friday, November 7, 2014


Hello lovelies!!! Okay, so I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I have a huge thing for red jackets. Basically, it all started when my friend and I got this red Members Only style jacket at a thrift store in the mountains, and ever since then, I've noticed that red jackets appear everywhere in random instances in my life.

In the movie Submarine, Jordana, one of the main characters, wears a big red coat everywhere she goes.

The jacket shows up everywhere. In other films, in photographs, even on the cover of one of my favorite albums. Well, it's not a jacket - but a shirt, the same bright red color. Whatever.

So I got my own. It's a big coat from Topshop. I even wrote a spoken word piece about it (that I'm performing today at school, hence this post and my outfit). 

Pants: Topshop
Shoes: Dr. Martens
Top: Urban Outfitters

xx Alyssa

Monday, October 27, 2014


Hellooooo lovelies!!! This past weekend, I finally got to go to the American Apparel Factory Flea Market in Downtown LA. It was so awesome seeing the factory where like, half of my clothing is made - and the flea market had lots of stuff for nearly half of the price of store clothes!!

I got a denim circle skirt, exclamation tights, and a cropped grey sweater. I'm loving life.

xx Alyssa

Monday, October 20, 2014


Hello lovelies!!! Yesterday (the 19th of October) was my 16th birthday, and it couldn't have been better. My whole weekend was filled with loads of friends, family, and food. It was great. On Saturday, I had a little lunch with some friends and family. We got succulents for everyone's placeholder, which were adorable.

Glitter and smiles woohooooo!!!

Some things I got for my birthday... sunglasses, a new iPhone case, Palo Alto, a book about the Beetle (as that's the car I got for my birthday!!), and lots of rings.

It was such a nice weekend, and a great way to start off 16 years old!!!

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Hellooooo lovelies! It's now Tuesday and I'm finally recovered enough to write about my school's Homecoming. This weekend was such a blur, it felt like it went straight from Friday afternoon to Monday morning!

Friday night, I was cheerleading at our Homecoming football game. My team put on an awesome performance at half time, and I really had so much fun - the Homecoming game is always the best.

Saturday was the dance, which is even more exciting. I slept in from cheering for like, three hours straight the night before. Then I got my hair done and did everything else to get ready for the dance.

Me and my friends being pretty srs. 

My dress was vintage, from the Santa Monica Antique Market. My shoes were from Steve Madden.
My vintage baseball jacket from Kyoto, Japan also made an appearance (but not in this photo)!! 

I decided to through in this hilarious picture as a representation of my posing capabilities. I'm known throughout my school for throwin up the peace sign at any opportunity... so of course, at the after party when there were pictures taken after we changed, it was all peace signs. If you wanted to know what I wore to the party:

grey crop top from american apparel
levi's high waisted denim shorts from melrose trading post
"goddess" socks from socks with attitude
black dr. martens from melrose trading post
gold chain necklace (from my grandma!)

All in all, I had loads of fun! Still, I only got three hours of sleep Saturday night because I have such a hard time sleeping in, so I've been trying to make up for that. What a great weekend, nevertheless :) 

xx Alyssa

Friday, October 10, 2014


Hello lovelies!!! Sooooo.... yesterday I met Drowners. They are an amazing band from New York/Wales, and I had the best time ever. They were so sweet and friendly and funny and cool and I just sat down in a chair next to the band and hung out there the whole time.

Matt Hitt (the frontman) took a selfy with me. It was great.

Look, I'm the new member of Drowners! Jack said he liked my pins, Matt and I had matching sunglasses, and I talked to the band about Coachella, LA, etc. It was a great time!

xx Alyssa

Monday, September 29, 2014

WARBY PARKER (fall 2016)

Hello lovelies! Let me tell you a story: When I was in 1st grade, I really really wanted glasses. I thought they were so cool, and I even faked not being able to read how many fingers my mom was holding up in order to get her to take me to the optometrist. In 2nd grade, my teacher told my mom that I was having trouble seeing the board, and I was finally able to get glasses. I've had terrible eyesight from then on (10 years strong!). 

I'm constantly on the lookout for cool new frames to wear, and I heard about Warby Parker (http://www.warbyparker.com/sunglasses) through both word of mouth (thanks, mom) and an ad on Spotify. They've just come out with their new collection for fall, so I thought I'd do a little project making outfits based on my favorite styles! 

warby parker fall 2014

From left to right:

"Chandler Ti" in English Oak...
...inspired by the name, I would totally pair these frames with an all-British ensemble: Topshop oversized schoolboy-looking coat, and Dr. Martens brogues. Super cute, androgynous, and definitely British-looking.

"Coley" in Crystal...
...I've been wanting a pair of clear glasses forever, and these ones seem too good to be true. The shape is nicely in the middle of square and rounded, which works well with my face shape. Clear frames is basically matches with everything, so I would take that opportunity and wear crazy prints like a bold plaid. And knee socks, definitely.

"Coley" in Woodgrain...
...this is a darker color than the English Oak "Chandler Ti," but nevertheless, I love woodgrain patterns. I used to have a pair of Ray-Bans that were similar to this color. I would try to make these look a little more feminine (as they're darker) by wearing a pretty sundress with Chelsea boats in a matching dark brown.

Which pair/outfit is your favorite? Let me know!! I think I'm taken by the Coley in Crystal!

xx Alyssa

Thursday, September 25, 2014

WISH LIST: 16th Birthday

Hello lovelies!!! I'm almost 16, wooohooooo! I'm the baby of my grade, so it's really nice to finally have my birthday once it comes around to October 19th. Here's what I've had my eye on in the present department this year: 

birthday list

I Forget Where We Were, Ben Howard's sophomore album, comes out the day after my birthday. Rookie Yearbook 3 comes out one day later. Even though I wouldn't actually get these on the day of my ~sweet 16~, I'm still dying for them. I cannot wait.

I always lose my little rings, and I think tiny silver bands are the cutest things ever, so I need a few new ones. I also need some new sunnies as my old ones are falling apart.
I cannot wait to finally be 16!

xx Alyssa

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

AMAZON.COM HAUL: Records and Socks With Attitude

Hello lovelies! I always get Amazon giftcards from family around the holidays, and I end up saving them until I'm in need of retail therapy... which happened a few weeks ago. I finally remember to show you all what I got!

I FINALLY got Come Of Age by The Vaccines record. This is one of my favorite albums, and it's just so nice to hear it in a little tinny, scratchy sound of vinyl.

I also got two pairs of socks from Socks With Attitude. I decided to go with PG words as I wanted to wear them to school... The "drama queen" pair makes me think of Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time, and the "goddess" pair makes me think of Beyoncé. They make my day when I wear them.

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hello lovelies! So I wanted to tell you all about this amazing thing going on at my school... My friends and I started a club this year promoting all kinds of music and art (film, photography, painting, sculpture, music, etc.) and our first project was a communal mix CD-sharing locker.

Basically, one of us sacrificed our locker to the name of art; we decorated the walls with photos, stickers, playlists, and paintings, jammed the lock, and put directions in there for the magical ~trading~

It's so lovely seeing a bunch of people sharing their personal music taste and being so, so incredibly cool about the power of music (and friendship!!!).

xx Alyssa

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

BRITISH DAISIES (and Californian Heat)

Helloooooo lovelies!! It's been so hot lately, and just as it was supposed to get better, it's going to go up in temperature by the end of the week again. We're all melting. Someone save us.

In an attempt to wear a skirt every day of the week so I don't suffer from heat stroke, I'm wearing:
skirt: American Apparel
top: Jack Wills
socks: Shibuya 109 in Tokyo
shoes: nike AF1

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Helloooo lovelies! Basically, I've started school; today is my second week, but we had Monday off for Labor Day so it's only four days until the weekend. Anyway, with the start of this year brought a lot of questions... I've always heard junior year is the hardest at my school, but as of now, it doesn't seem that terrifying anymore. I guess I haven't gotten a single grade yet though, so the shock factor might come later.

Here's a photo I took during school on Friday. I'm wearing my Nike AF1s and socks I got from Amazon that say "goddess," which I'm obsessed with. 

I'm starting this club at school with my friends where we can discuss music, film, and art freely and get more people from our school involved in it. We're making one of our lockers into a mix CD trading space, so we set that up on Friday!

xx Alyssa

Monday, September 1, 2014


Helloooo lovelies! I went to a lunch in Malibu for one of my closest friend's 16th birthday, and I took some photos of my outfit to show!!

Top: Vintage, from Melrose Trading Post
Pants: Vintage, Valentino, from Santa Monica Antique Market
Sunnies: Vintage, JCrew, from my mom's closet
Pins: Tate Modern (London), Rokit Vintage (Camden), Kyoto

xx Alyssa

Monday, August 18, 2014


Hello lovelies!! Sorry the title was in third person. It's just very self-explanatory.

My best friend and I went outside yesterday to try our hand at skating - me with my new board that I painted (see past blog posts), and her with her brother's penny board. I'm trying to learn, so we just went on the streets by my house and helped each other out. We also took a break on the grass cause it was pushing 100 degrees.

Any tips would be super appreciated!!

xx Alyssa

Thursday, August 14, 2014

DIY: Skateboard

Hellooooo lovelies! I feel like a terrible person. It's been more than a week since I've posted, I'm sorry. I went to see Arctic Monkeys on Thursday, The Kooks and Friday, and then camping for the Duke of Edinburgh award, and I've been so tired... But no more excuses! I spent basically all of yesterday painting the blank skate deck I got on Amazon. I've been telling myself that I'd learn how to skate this summer, and as there's 10 days left, I've finally started assembling the actual skateboard.

Here are the photos of the first step, which was painting. I sanded the bottom of the deck before painting it white (which took like 3 coats), and then painted all of the crystals on one side and an Icelandic Wool pattern on the other. I used acrylic paint, glitter (which is hard to see, but it's on some of the crystals), stickers, and DIY stickers I made out of paper and American Apparel shopping bags. 

Next step: grip tape. I watched a video on Youtube so I would know how to correctly apply the grip tape I also bought off of Amazon. Today I'm taking the board to a skate shop to get all of the hardware/wheels. I'll keep you updated on how many times I fall when I'm trying to learn how to ride it.

xx Alyssa

Friday, July 4, 2014


Hello lovelies!! As I've been trying to do lots of art projects this summer, I hung out with a friend the other day and we made a 20 page zine in one night. It was awesome. Here's a page:

I'm really happy with how it turned out. We want to make copies of it, so it's possible that I'll be selling some of those copies on my etsy in the future!!

xx Alyssa 

Friday, June 27, 2014

WALL CLIPPINGS (from Ireland, England, & misc)

Helloooo lovelies! Yesterday, I finally added a mass of magazine/newspaper/etc clippings on to my wall.

The new stuff is as follows:

"What Do You Think?" card from the Tate Modern in London
Dimensions Festival, Touch The Wood, Rokit Beach, Rokit Card, Field Day poster from Rokit Vintage in Covent Garden and Camden
London Tube Ticket
Domino card from my Arctic Monkeys vinyl
Constellation clipping from Pratt newsletter

Yaaaaay for happy walls!

xx Alyssa

Thursday, June 26, 2014

ENGLAND: Disposable Camera Photos

Hello lovelies!!! Here's a few photos I just got developed from my disposable camera that I brought to England. 

Me at a little farm where we had afternoon tea.

Somewhere in Bath, England from the top of a double decker bus.

The lovely seaside of West Bay, Dorset.

My amazing British host in Glastonbury, Somerset.

xx Alyssa

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Here's a little piece on nostalgia:

Everyone says "time flies when you're having fun," but time flies no matter what you're doing. You know? Like, you may be sitting in math class, wondering whether or not it's been fifty minutes yet. It seems like it has, but it's only been twenty five. Yeah, time seems to slow down. But then that class ends, and you have five other classes, and before you know it school's out for the day, week, month, year, and then you've grown up and you're going to college and life stares you right in the eyes. 

Life seems to pass by so quickly. I'm not sure if I'd say I'm nostalgic about fifth grade, but it just hit me that fifth grade is over. It was over six years ago, but it just hit me. 

I think that's the key to being nostalgic. Let it hit, but let it hit much later. You don't want to end up unable to do anything else because you miss that one day in the forest, the time on the lake, the feeling you felt ten months, seven days, two hours, and forty-three minutes ago. 

There's always a time for nostalgia; nostalgia in moderation. Like food. Because if you let nostalgia hit you as a giant tidal wave, you'll be stuck in the past and unable to be adventurous and daring and exciting and do the things that will probably make you more nostalgic in the future. I mean, be nostalgic. Everyone needs to splash in the waves of the past - ooooh, metaphors. Just don't drown, because before you know it, the sun is setting and everything starts over again.

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

NEW ITEM ALERT: Pressed Flower Wooden Pin

Helloooo lovelies!! My Etsy store has been up and running for about 4 days now, and I though it was time to add another item on there. I made 5 of these super cute flower pins, and I think they're perfect for my shop!

Yaaay!! I love flowers; I have a huge stash of pressed flowers (including a few clovers), and I thought I'd make a few goodies out of them considering I can't use them all for my artwork.

Let me know what you think!

xx Alyssa

Monday, June 23, 2014

ENGLAND: Clothing Haul

Helloooo lovelies! It's been almost a week since I came back from England, so I thought I'd do a little clothing haul to show you all what I picked up on my (shopping) trip. 

I got this awesome shirt at Topshop. It matches the skirt below, and at first I was unsure about it (and almost thought of returning it) because the fit is slightly awkward, but then I remembered how cute it was.

Also from topshop were a pack of two tattoo choker bracelets/anklets and black ruffle socks. I love all the different colors of ruffle socks I have because they make any outfit cuter, but I really needed black ones. 

I got the top right shirt at Jack Wills, and I love it so much because it has the little daisies on it that you see everywhere in England (and sadly, nowhere near where I live). It's a baggy tee, and really soft.

I got the repurposed velvet crop top (top left) from Rokit in Camden. The picture quality really sucks, but it's a lovely top with the nicest material. I am recently loving everything forest green, so I had to have it.

xx Alyssa

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Hello lovelies!!! Wow, am I excited... My Etsy store is now open! You can get to it using this link: 

Isn't this cool? I'm really exited about it. I have updated my shop with three different types of products, each either with different options or ~customizable~. As of now, I can only ship to the US, but I'm trying to figure out how I can eventually ship internationally.

UPDATE: I can ship both the sticker sheets and patches to select European countries, working on more countries!

Custom Hanging Word/Phrase Banner

I really hope this works out, because I want to keep adding different kinds of products in the future such as pins, custom word bracelets, vintage clothing, and even some of my own art.

If you follow me on Instagram (@alyszsa), I'm going to be doing an Instagram giveaway/promoter search in about two weeks. All you'll have to do is repost a photo, and I'll randomly draw one winner and choose one promoter who will both receive a little package of lots of different things in the store (and things that I'm not selling yet!). 

If you have any suggestions for products, changes I should make, or general questions, comment on this post!! 

xx Alyssa

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Surprise surprise! Hello lovelies... my name is alyssa, and I am an anglophile. England is so amazing. I really wish I could stay here all summer. I leave in a week :(

Top from American Apparel
Shorts from Melrose Trading Post
Tights from Target
Bag from Fjallraven

This is a photo of me outside Westminster Abbey, because we had to do the touristy things. The little daisies were so cute.

Please let me stay for longer!!!!!

Xx Alyssa


Helloooo lovelies! In the theme of summer happiness, I thought I'd share some of my favorite clothes that I'll be wearing all summer.

I tried to make a collage thingy but it didn't work out so well. Anyways...

I wear my black American Apparel skirt all of the time. It's the perfect way to make an outfit a little more dark/mysterious, and it goes with everything!!

My high waisted denim Levi's also are a must for summer. I can wear them with basically any shirt to make an awesome outfit. Plus, it's so hot in LA that shorts a necessity most of the summer.

Crop tops: my best friend. Since I wear so many high waisted skirts and shorts, crop tops are the best. I have a white one from Topshop that I got a few years back, and I wear it all of the time. It goes well with all of my bottoms, and is a cuter alternative to a plain white t-shirt.

Birkenstock-style sandals have become a huge trend recently, but love them or hate them - I can't get enough of mine. I got these black Birks last summer, and I wear them endlessly... They're so comfortable, and go with everything! 

Finally, I wear my white converse a lot during the summer. It's normally too hot for my usual black Dr. Martens, so they serve as a reliable replacment. I've been wearing converse for as long as I can remember (since I was like, 7), and they have become a classic wardrobe staple for me.

Happy summer!

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

ENGLAND: First Day

Hello lovely people!!! My first day in England has come and gone, and it couldn't have been more fun.

After what came to be almost a full day of travelling, we starter out by wandering around the leicster (spelling?) Square area, as well as covent garden.

We chilled around in St. James park for a while, watching people and enjoying the not 1 million degree weather. 

I also got this awesome top at Rokit which I've been to before in Camden, but their covent garden store was really cool.

I love England. Please can I stay for the whole summer.

xx Alyssa

Friday, June 6, 2014

DIY Pressed Flower Phone Case

Hello lovelies!!! Story time: A few weeks ago, I accidentally made a giant crack along my iPhone's screen. I didn't even drop it; it just appeared, I promise! So I got my mom to take it the Apple Store, and they were nice enough to give me a new iPhone (5s) for free because my warranty wasn't up yet. 

Over the weekend, I was so excited I got a new phone!! Until I tried to take a picture... both the main camera and the flash were disabled and didn't function. So of course, it was broken (and I didn't even do it this time!). The nice people at the Apple Store gave me another new phone since it was their fault for giving my a faulty one. Once I received the fully-functioning third phone, I vowed to get a protective case for it so I wouldn't break it again.

All the cases I saw were really ugly and bulky, until I had an idea... DIY phone case! I shopped around on Amazon and found the most protective, affordable clear case so I could stick whatever I wanted on the back of my phone and it would show through.

Case: Casemate Naked Tough Case w/ Clear Bumper (two parts: clear rubber bumper and clear plastic back)
Flowers: from my neighborhood walks!

As you can see from the classy mirror selfie, I basically just took some flowers that I pressed in an old book for two weeks and stuck them between the case and the phone. They're not bulky, so the case isn't all wonky. I've seen friends do the same sort of thing with mini polaroid pictures... some other cute ideas: stickers, train tickets, fortunes from fortune cookies, anything thin!!!

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


     Hello lovelies!! Today I'm actually going to write a lot and share some stories and we'll see how this goes. I'll start out with explaining my inspiration for writing this. Rookie Mag, a.k.a. my favorite thing ever, has this theme which they stick to for all of the posts throughout the month. This month's is ACTION, which really resonated with me. I read Tavi's Editor's Letter, where she explains how she wants to write about ACTION because she has just graduated from high school; although reminisincing about the past four years has been nice for her, Tavi writes how she understands she can't dwell on the past and she needs to get on with her life. I completely agree.
     I'm a very nostalgic person. One of my friends describes herself as "nostalgic as hell," which I totally understand. I mean, I'm only 15 - I get it, I don't have a lot to look back on. Oh, but I do... I remember 5th grade when all that mattered was how good you were at four-square and the fact I got in trouble in math class for writing with a purple pen. 6th grade brought a bit of bullying towards me, for which I still hold a grudge. 7th grade was not fun at all (at least as I remember it); my brother is in 7th grade now, so hearing about everything he does is really bringing my memories of getting bad grades on tests in classes I hated. 8th grade was alright... we read Catcher in the Rye and To Kill A Mockingbird, so that was my favorite year of English class at least. Looking back on 9th grade, it was extremely easy school-wise and I would really love to be able to say that about this year. Nevertheless, 10th grade has been tough. School is a million times harder (hyperbole intended), and although I found some classes like AP European History and my honors British Lit course really interesting, it was still a whole lot of work and studying and reading and even some crying. Which lead me to come to the conclusion that, hey! I cried more over school this year than I did over people!  That's a first. Although that seems a little weird, I'm kinda proud of it. This year, I haven't let people get to me as much. I shook it off, and tried to focus on school instead. It's stressful, but it's better than being preoccupied by people who don't deserve your time.

      Not everything has gone perfectly, though. I failed a chemistry test I studied really hard for, I got rejected from an arts program I was hopeful about, and I was disappointed by a few people here and there. School and cheerleading frustrated me, and I felt a little alone sometimes (drowning in work ha ha ha). But basically, in retrospect of this past school year, I've understand that life goes on. Next year will most likely be the most frustrating/hardest/stressful year I've encountered, but it will happen, and it will pass. I only have two more years until I'm done with high school. Scary.
      I'll go off on a little tangent (I have a math final exam today, please send your prayers): I'm going on a trip to England with three of closest friends in less than a week with our school. I'm such an anglophile: I have been since like, 5th grade. Yes, I was obsessed with bad British pop music in 7th/8th grade. I am not afraid to admit it. Basically, what I'm trying to get at is that my friends that are going on the trip and I are currently reminiscing about all of the embarrassing music we listened during our crazy UK obsession phase (cough cough One Direction), and therefore, I'm listening to mainly that music while studying for my final exams (cough cough One Direction). Specifically: One Direction's first album, Up All Night. Come on, admit it - you've listened to it before. And if you haven't, you always wanted to see what all the fuss was about. My friends and I are planning to listen to all of their songs on the plane to England in celebration of us finally making the trip across the pond together. 

Up All Night. Source: Wikipedia

    So I'm trying to explain how I've been looking back a lot lately: on my past music taste, decisions, actions, etc. But what I realized is that LIFE GOES ON!!!! I've noticed a lot of people have been feeling a little down lately, wether it has to do with school, other people, or just the future in general. I wanted to talk about this today because I think people should be happy. I think we should all live in the moment and not force a lot of stress upon ourselves. Especially you, teenage girls: you have your whole life in front of you! Don't waste a day! You want to start an online magazine? Do it! You want to write a song? Write it! Hell, write it and recorded it and share it with your friends! Failing that chemistry test will not matter when I'm 40 (Submarine reference). I have a giant stack of papers from this year that I don't need, and I'm planning on using them in the fireplace to roast marshmallows in a few days. This summer will be amazing, and I don't have to keep dwelling on everything that happened in my sophomore year (or any year before). I can get on with my life and just be happy!!! Happy about high school!!!! And everything that comes with growing up: going to concerts, getting my license, thinking about college, making new friends, being adventurous, learning a lot of interesting stuff in school, getting better at whatever I want to do in life. 

     Life goes on! It does, I promise. Let's just be excited for the future.

Sorry if this was a little deep.
xx Alyssa

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Helloooo lovelies! Well, I'm going to England in 9 days if I hadn't reminded you already... it's all that I can think about. One of my favorite things about England? Topshop.

Ok, I know we have it in America. I visited the flagship store in NYC when it first opened, as well as the ones in LA and Vegas. Still, there's a few differences: the clothes Topshop chooses to have in-store in the US, especially LA, are not the same as they sell in the UK - they're honestly not as cute sometimes. I don't know why, probably the weather/target market differences. Also, Topshop doubles all of the their prices when they convert Pounds to Dollars; for example, a 50 pound dress would be $100, instead of the real exchange value, which is about $84 as of now. That's $16 less that I would pay if I bought the dress in England. Hence my obsession with Topshop in the UK.

Here's what I'm hoping to stock up on when I'm there:

Topshop Shopping List

1. Crop Sweaters (jumpers)
I own this crop in light blue, but I've worn it so much that I want a new one (or just more!!). I wear so many high-waisted bottoms that crop jumpers come in handy all of the time. They're not too heavy, so I can wear them with skirts when the weather gets hotter.

2. Cropped Basic Tanks/Tees
I love Topshop's basic stuff, and I need more staples like this top to wear with my high-waisted bottoms and pattern jackets/sweaters.

3. Skort
These aren't a big trend where I live yet, but I've been seeing skorts like this on Instagram and Tumblr a lot lately. I love plaid (really, I'm obsessed), and this one looks perfect.

4. Frilly Socks
I live in Topshop frilly socks. I only have two pairs, and I'm in need of more. They make an outfit a little more girly, and are waaaaay cuter than normal ankle socks.

5. Flat White Sandals
I've seen these sandals in Topshop at Nordstrom and really wanted them, but again, they're cheaper in England. Super cute for summer.

6. Tortishell Sunnies
I've seen some old pictures of Alexa Chung wearing tortishell sunnies like these, and I mean, she's a goddess. How could you not want to look like Alexa Chung?

If there's anything that you have your eye on from Topshop (or something you got recently that you love), let me know so I can look for it during my shopping trip!

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hello lovelies!! I got this awesome henna at a party over the weekend, and I wanted to show you before it faded. I also thought I'd throw in a few of the cool stones I have in my room... apparently they have healing powers or something?

It's a nice idea that rocks can be spiritual, sorta like a lucky charm. These three are special to me; my mother gave me one, my friend and I bought matching rocks, and I found the obsidian in a dormant volcano site. Rocks are cool. 

And of course, henna is cool too. I've tried to do henna designs before like this one, but they never turn out well - I end up just drawing yin-yangs and clovers. I love this lotus, though.

xx Alyssa

Monday, May 26, 2014

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Rocks & Minerals

Hellooooo lovelies! It's Memorial Day here in the US and I have school off. No school = I can actually wear what I want to wear.

My shirt is DIY (you can check it out here
and my shorts are Levis from the Melrose Trading Post.
I'm not wearing shoes (yet!!!)

xx Alyssa