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Friday, April 25, 2014

DIY Leather Cord Choker

Hello lovelies!!! I'm finally doing a choker DIY! It's super simple and really awesome cause it's crazy cheap.

You will need:
metal jump rings
metal end clasps
metal closures
leather cord
a charm (of course)
wire clamper plier thingy (not pictured)

Step 1: measure your cord
I used an existing choker I had to measure and cut my cord, but if you don't have one, use a measuring tape around your neck and use that measurement. Add a centimeter on for insurance (we won't be tying knots at the end).

Step 2: close one end
Using the pliers, clamp one end metal closure to one side of your leather cord.

Step 3: charm time
 Slide on your charm!

Step 4: Repeat step 2 but on the other end of the cord. 

Step 5: close it up
Attach a metal clasp to one side using a jump ring and your pliers. Open the jump ring, slide it through the closure, then through the clasp, and re-close it.

Step 6: other side
Repeat step 5 on the other end closure, but don't put a clasp on it too. Just a jump ring!

Aaaaand you're finished! How easy was that? Comment if you need help/have any questions!

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: basically everything is american apparel

Hello lovelies!! I didn't realize I was wearing all American Apparel until after I took these photos. Hint hint AA scouts!!!! PAY ME TO WEAR YOUR CLOTHING!!!

Top: American Apparel
Skirt: also American Apparel...
Socks: hey, guess what?!?! AMERICAN APPAREL
Shoes: game changer - ASOS
Choker: DIY

P.S. I'm going to do a choker DIY, possibly tomorrow but definitely this week!

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

COACHELLA 2014: Weekend 1, Day 3 Recap (music, outfit & more!)

The last day of Coachella 2014 Weekend 1 was amazing. 

Outfit of the day:

Monki Crop Top
Levi's High Waisted Shorts
White High Top Converse

Sets I saw:

Surfer Blood
The 1975
Blood Orange
Neutral Milk Hotel
Lana Del Rey

Favorite Set(s) of the day:
Neutral Milk Hotel by far, but I loved absolutely everything.

Favorite moments:
During STRFKR, people in different costumes came on stage, danced around, and crowd surfed. It was absolutely hilarious and so much fun,
Neutral Milk Hotel requested that no one take photos or videos of them, and it was so nice to finally watch a set without iPhones blocking the actual performance. Don't get me wrong - I'll take a picture or a short video, but that's all... I hate watching music through a screen.

Aluna from AlunaGeorge, Mary J. Blige, and Sam Smith came out to each perform a song with Disclosure!!

xx Alyssa

Sunday, April 13, 2014

COACHELLA 2014: Weekend 1, Day 2 (music, outfit & more!)

Hello lovelies! The second day of Coachella definitely did not disappoint. I saw so many bands. Every muscle in my legs is sore.

Outfit of the day (picture of the year including my best friend through the mirror installation's reflection): 

Top: Motel Rocks
Shorts: Vintage
Shoes: Converse
Backpack: Kipling
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Hat: Topshop

Ty Segall
Kid Cudi
Julian Casablancas & The Voidz
Captial Cities
Empire Of The Sun
Pet Shop Boys

Favorite Set(s) of the day:

Favorite moments:
I got to be front row for CHVRCHES, which was amazing because I am completely obsessed with them. Also, seeing Julian Casablancas' face for the first time ever was pretty magical.


Blake Anderson from Workaholics walked on with Ty Segall, pretending to be his guitarist (who is his complete doppelganger). He then proceeded to take off the guitar and throw himself into the crowd... crowd surfing. It was hilarious.

Also, there were people crowd surfing at Lorde. Weird, but cool.

xx Alyssa

Saturday, April 12, 2014

COACHELLA 2014: Weekend 1, Day 1 Recap (music, outfit & more!)

Hello lovelies!! Today (well, yesterday) was my first day at Coachella 2014, and it was AMAZING!

Outfit of the day:

DIY Floral Top
Levi's Denim Shorts
White high-top Converse 

Sets I saw:
Ellie Goulding

Favorite Set(s) of the day:
Bastille, because I am a major Bastille fan and they were amazing. Flume gets the honorable mention... His set was sooooooo goood!

Favorite moments:
When Dan from Bastille came into the crowd for Flaws. I thought he would just come into the barrier (not the actual crowd), but my friends and I, who were all clustered around the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rows of people, were about a foot away from him. It was amazing and I almost cried.
Also, Flume did a remix of Tennis Court by Lorde which was really really great.
And! Zedd did a Latch (by Disclosure) remix which I also liked a lot and it got me freaking out about Disclosure's set on Sunday.

Angel Haze came out during the Bastille set and did a song with them, which was super cool. Also, I heard Janelle Monae came out with Outkast, but I left a few songs through the set and went to Crosses so I didn't see. I did get to hear Hey Ya though, which was a great ending to the night.

xx Alyssa

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

COACHELLA 2014: What's In My Backpack

Hello lovelies!!! Oh, only two days until Coachella... if you couldn't tell, I'm shaking with excitement. Here's what I'm bringing in my day bag to Coachella, just to help out anyone that was worrying they were bringing too much/too little!

I'm bringing my small Kipling backpack this year because it's light and waterproof (I think).
It also fits everything I need, with extra room for merch and anything else I accumulate at the festival.

American Apparel headwrap - I use this for keeping my hair back so it doesn't get in my face while dancing. I might switch it out for one that's not flannel, but this is all I have now.
American Apparel hat - This is a must-have. Without a hat comes lots of face sunburns while waiting for sets at the Outdoor or Coachella stages.
Light jacket - I got this baseball jacket in Japan, and it's made of nylon so it's thin and I cant roll it up really small. It takes up so little room and is perfect for when the sun goes down and temperatures drop.
(bonus life points if you just started singing Arctic Monkeys in your head).
Sunscreen - This is super important. You cannot go to Coachella without sunscreen or you WILL look like a tomato if you're pale. 
Sunglasses - Again, and necessity.
Money pouch - I don't like having money floating around, and since most vendors only take cash, a little pouch is perfect for keeping track of it all.
Watch - I didn't bring a watch last year, but I definitely will this year. I have my phone off a lot of Coachella since the battery drains relatively fast, and a watch is perfect for checking the time (no way) without having to turn my phone on or constantly looking at it. Don't miss the sets you want to see!
Mini flaslight - Just in case I get separated from my friends at night; this includes walking through the giant maze to the shuttles.
Chapstick - The desert is dry. This is a given.
Earplugs - These were free on my recent airplane flight, and they're super useful for when you're trying to stake out a spot for your favorite band and you have to stand through an excruciatingly loud set of music you don't particularly like. This happened to me last year and earplugs would've been awesome.
Plastic water bottle - First of all, it needs to be plastic cause Coachella doesn't allow metal. Water is 2$ at Coachella, so if you're prepared to spend that money multiple times per day, go ahead. But when you're me and you spend close to 50$ worth of pizza throughout three days, the savings add up and are worth keeping the bottle in your backpack. The festival has free filling stations, and the water's cold! Where's the logic in not bringing a water bottle?

Happy almost Coachella!

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

COACHELLA 2014: Outfits (what I'm wearing!)

Hello lovelies!!! Only three days until Coachella Weekend 1 now, and I'm freaking out. The best weekend of the year is approaching fast, and I thought I'd finally share my outfits on my blog... I've had them planned out since practically December (I got my tickets on presale so I knew I was going)! Anyway, here's what I'm wearing in case you need some outfit inspiration:

Floral Crop Top (vintage, I sewed it into a tank)
Forever 21 Shorts
American Apparel Hat 

Motel Rocks Crop Top
Levi's Shorts 
Topshop Hat

MONKI Crop Top
Levi's High Waisted Shorts (Melrose Trading Post)
American Apparel Hat

I'm wearing my white high-top Chuck Taylor Converse all three days with white ankle socks. They're the only shoes I can walk in for hours and feel comfortable getting dirty cause I can just throw them in the trash.

I absolutely cannot wait for all of the amazing artists... not the 90 + degree weather (hence the three-day crop top and shorts streak). And of course I can give advice to anyone that wants to know what to wear, just leave a comment!

xx Alyssa

Monday, April 7, 2014

HAUL: Shanghai, Tokyo, and Kyoto

Hello lovelies!! These past two weeks I had the amazing opportunity to visit Shanghai, China and Kyoto/Tokyo, Japan. Of course, there was lots of shopping! I went a little cray cray. Here's what I got:

3 Pairs of Socks
I got these socks on a 3 for 1000 Yen (10 USD) special in a mall in Tokyo called Shibuya 109.
Browny Mesh Black Crop Top
This top is from a store called Wego in Tokyo, specifically Harajuku near Takeshita Dori.
Monki Black Collared Dot Crop Top
Oh my, I love Monki!! It's so sad we don't have it in the US. The store (Takeshita Dori location) was even decorated with photos of Chloe Norgaard (my favorite model) for their Spring campaign. 
San Cisco Japanese Bonus CD
I was so excited to find this CD in Tower Records in Tokyo. I have the non-bonus songs already, but the extra tracks were super cool and it had Japanese all over it.
Super Mario Pin
I'm a Nintendo nerd. I had to get the mushroom pin.

I got these awesome stickers in Kyoto.
5 Million Face Masks
I accumulated about 10 (not 5 million) face masks, which are super cheap and found in all the Japanese convenience stores.
Sakura (Cherry Blossom) socks
These were also from Kyoto.
Again, the cutest pins from Teramachi in Kyoto.
From Wego in Tokyo (Takeshita Dori).

I'm super obsessed with everything I got and cannot wait to wear and use it all!! Yay!!

xx Alyssa

Friday, April 4, 2014


Hello lovelies! Here's a few photos of my favorite earrings that I wear the most out of any others I own:

This is one of the little dishes I keep my earrings in. It's a vintage cigarette dish from a Hotel in Germany (I think).

I wear the pair I got my ears pierced with a lot, especially when my piercings hurt a little from wearing random metal earrings. They're gold with pink stones. I also have a pair my mom gave me with dark blue stones. On the right is my favorite pair that my family gave me for my 15th birthday! I also love my star and moon pendants.

xx Alyssa

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

MUSIC FESTIVAL ACCESSORIES: Part 2 (Face Paint, Gems Stickers, and Temporary Tattoos)

Hello lovelies! 9 days until Coachella, my favorite (well, I've only been to one) music festival!!!! Yesterday I posted a little guide to wearing jewelry at festivals, and today, we're gonna tackle the more exciting topics: face paint, stickers, and temporary tattoos.

Let's start with face paint!

I don't see this as much as Coachella, but at other music festivals, people paint their faces with UV/neon paint in designs around their eyes and eyebrows. Maybe I haven't seen it cause I don't hang around the EDM tent much, but this year, my friends and I think we might try it out. Hey, music festivals allow weirdness... where else can it be socially acceptable to have face paint? 

Basically, all you have to do to paint your face is dot around your eyes/eyebrows. You can do swirls, zigzags, get creative! Just make sure whatever paint you're using can come off easily, but not too easily that it'll sweat off. 


Here's another way to decorate your face so that you look like a fairy! You can get anything from little plastic gems at craft stores to beads and confetti and stick it on your face using eyelash glue if it doesn't have a sticker back already.

Temporary Tattoos:

Here's an idea: you can put temporary tattoos anywhere on your skin that doesn't rub against clothing (like you face, front of your neck) for a super cute effect. I've had little skull tattoos since Halloween, so I might use those for fun.

And as a little bonus...

Any cool ribbon you have, you can tie around your head (as a headband) or wrap it around your wrist to make a bracelet.

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Hellllooooo lovelies! Ok, so Coachella Countdown is now at like, 10 days. OH MY!!! Wow, I actually cannot contain my excitement and I might explode as I type this.

So for today, I thought I'd start with what jewelry I wear to Coachella; this applies to all music festival still. I made a master poster with tips about how to dress for Coachella, but I realized I left out jewelry, which is something that doesn't have specific rules for hot weather vs. cold weather festivals. 

Just some general rules: 
  • all jewelry shouldn't be lose... basically, anything that will bother you or other festival-goers while dancing is not a good idea
  • stay away from flower crowns unless they're tight/headbands. trust me; I've made multiple, and none of them would stay on my head or stay together for that matter in a festival crowd.
  • don't wear expensive jewelry because it's highly likely that you can loose it (especially rings)

Basically, don't be stupid and wear real diamond rings. Stick to cheap rings that you wouldn't cry for ages if you lost. It's better if they aren't bulky, too.


I'm all for the arm party at Coachella, but again, make sure the bracelets aren't annoyingly loose. It'll just be really frustrating fixing charms and stuff when you're dancing/jumping around.


This may sound weird/unbelievable, but last year at Coachella I was constantly finding necklaces on the ground. I think it's because they break while dancing and then just falling off without the wearer noticing. If you still want to wear a necklace, I'd go for a choker; they're tight, and I normally feel them when I'm wearing them so it's easy to notice if they've fallen off. 


I don't wear earrings cause I'm afraid I'll lose them or they'll get caught on my (even someone else's) hair. But, if you must, wear studs! Dangling earrings are a stupid idea, I promise.

Tomorrow I'll post about the fun stuff; face paint, stickers, and temporary tattoos! Yes, time to be a kid again!

xx Alyssa