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Monday, July 25, 2016

AMSTERDAM // day two

My second day in Amsterdam was even better than the first. In the morning, I ate a breakfast of poffertjes, which are traditional Dutch mini-pancakes that my mom definitely tried (and to my memory, succeeded) to make me when I was younger. After breakfast, I headed over to the Museum Quarter for a day full of staring at art - my kind of day! I took these photos in the garden outside of the Rijksmuseum before it got really crowded.

I'm wearing...
Top: Brandy Melville
Jacket: Acne Studios
Skirt: Reformation
Shoes: Stan Smith Adidas
Scarf: vintage
Bag: vintage Coach

It's Euro Pride right now in Amsterdam, and one of the streets I passed on my walk was decked out to fit the occasion.

First, I checked out the Van Gogh museum. I really loved it (especially the sunflower painting - that's my favorite of his), and the museum shop was top notch. After, I headed over to the Stebelijk Museum (modern and contemporary art), which was my favorite of the day. There were tons of cool exhibitions, galleries, and even a room where you could create your own art on the wall. I got to see
some neon work from one my favorite artists, Tracey Emin, and a photograph by one of my inspirations, Rineke Dijkstra. My brother also jumped in a ball pit, which was cool. Lunch at the museum cafe was great, too.

Next, we headed over to the Moco Museum, which was basically a renovated house - such a cool concept. The gift shop was in the kitchen! They were showing exhibitions on Banksy and Warhol; although I've seen a ton of Warhol work, I've never seen a Banksy piece, so it was really exciting for me. This was the only photo I got - a Bansky sculpture


All in all, I had a wonderful second day in Amsterdam, and I can't wait for the third! If you have any reocmmendations for me, please let me know. Also, I'm headed to Berlin in a couple of days, so recommendations for that city are welcome too!

xx Alyssa

Saturday, July 23, 2016

AMSTERDAM // day one

I arrived in Amsterdam yesterday morning. I've never been before, and so far, I love it! I'm going to try to keep you all updated while I'm on this trip, but no promises since I didn't bring my laptop and it's ridiculously hard to post from my phone - sorry for any weird photo issues. Here are some snapshots of my first day in the city:

Chillin on the canal by our hotel.

Lunch at Ree7 on the 9 Straatjes - it was soooooo good. I had a beef carpaccio sandwich.

A neon sign in one of the cute shops on the 9 Straatjes.

 My brother peeking In the Acne Studios store.

There's a sale on sexy??? I can buy that???

It turned out to be just Acne's new collection... Which is basically the same thing. I'm in love, but I resisted because I'd rather shop there in Stockholm in a couple of days! 

The canals really are gorgeous.

A kitty inside of the cafe we had breakfast in.

Breakfast at Pluk on the 9 Straatjes.

Pluk had the cutest interior!

I ate from the second story, and it was adorable.

More cute things!

Words of wisdom near the hotel.

There are so many beautiful flowers here.

I'm loving Amsterdam so far! Can't wait to spend a couple more days here before jetting off to Berlin . I'll try to keep this blog updated, but no promises! I'm proud of myself for actually getting this post up. If anyone has recommendations for things to do or places to eat in Amsterdam, please let me know!

xx Alyssa

OBESSION: Maryam Nassir Zadeh shoes

Okay, tell me these shoes aren't perfect. I went to TenOverSix on Melrose on Thursday and found these babies... I'm in love!

They're the Penelope mule with Aqua texture - definitely reminds me of my pool on a hot summer day. The color even matched my toenails! Check these out on the Maryam Nassir Zadeh website.

(photo from Mille)

TenOverSix clearly has their storefront aesthetic on point as well. Stay tuned for my text post - it'll be a report from Amsterdam!

xx Alyssa

Friday, July 22, 2016

100 DAYS IN LA: Colors of Venice Beach + FREE ICE CREAM (day 67)

Ok, so I know I post a ton of photos from the Venice area of Los Angeles, but I promise, this is the last one of this post series. My best friend Abby had never been to Venice before and I hadn't seen her since the beginning of summer, so we went for brunch at The Butcher's Daughter and then walked around a bit.

I'm moving to New York City at the end of August 2016 to begin my freshman year at Columbia University. As a born and bred Californian girl, I have mixed feelings about leaving for the East Coast. For my 'goodbye' to the city I've called home for the past 13 years of my life, I'll be chronicling my last 100 days on this blog before the big move.

Also - this is the last 100 Days in LA post for a while because I'm going to Europe for two weeks!!!! I didn't really factor that in when I started this series, so it's more like 86 Days in LA... sorry about that.

Abby in front of a cool mural we found between Abbot Kinney and the boardwalk.

Ok, who doesn't want a cute Rag & Bone bike?

The neon sign inside of Rag & Bone on Abbot Kinney.

Very Los Angeles.

I'm wearing...
dress: Reformation
scarf: vintage
hat: Target (hell YA)
socks: COS
shoes: Nike

Clean aesthetics inside of Sleepy Jones' pop-up shop.

Free ice cream in front of Happy Socks.

I want this for my dorm room!

The "Teach Peace" logo seems to be very popular.

xx Alyssa

Thursday, July 21, 2016

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Overalls & Daisies

I took these photos while shopping the other day (I got a pair of earrings - go check them out). I really need another pair of overalls, because these ones are my favorite thing to wear in the summer. Perfect to pair with all of my cute crop tops/bralets, great for summer weather, and the endless pockets are always a plus!

I'm wearing...
overalls: vintage
bag: Mansur Gavriel
necklaces: vintage/boutique
crop top: Topshop
shoes (not pictured): Adidas Stan Smith

xx Alyssa

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

JEWELRY HAUL: DIY Velvet Chokers & Thalken Earrings

Recently, I've been seeing thick velvet chokers everywhere, so I decided to pop down to the fabric store and get some materials to make a couple of my own. I already had all the clasps and chains, so making these was super easy and quick.

I also picked up these earrings by Thalken at one of their pop-up shops. I've been wanting a pair of earrings like this with no back (they sorta look like fancy staples!) for a while, and these are perfect.

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My #MRAskATeen Video Application

One of my favorite websites, Man Repeller, recently posted an Instagram photo saying "Man Repeller is looking for a TEENAGER to to spout hormone-juiced wisdom for our new #MRAskATeen column." Obviously, I responded. Enthusiastically. Who knows, maybe you could be reading my wisdom on another place on the internet soon!

xx Alyssa

100 DAYS IN LA: El Matador State Beach x Yeah Tie Dye (day 65)

Malibu, California has some of the best - and most photographed - beaches in the world. When my best friend Honour and I went down to El Matador State Beach to take these photos yesterday, I don't think there was a single person there without a camera. 

I'm moving to New York City at the end of August 2016 to begin my freshman year at Columbia University. As a born and bred Californian girl, I have mixed feelings about leaving for the East Coast. For my 'goodbye' to the city I've called home for the past 13 years of my life, I'll be chronicling 
my last 100 days on this blog before the big move.

I'd never actually been to this beach before, and I was so pleasantly surprised. There's a bunch of cool rock formations (which is why it's photographed so much), and it's quite beautiful. I also love any chance I get to drive along Pacific Coast Highway, so that's a plus.

I'm wearing Yeah The Label's Indigo Daisy Bralet and Indigo Skinny Bottoms. My necklaces are vintage and my shorts are vintage Levi's.

In the last picture, you can get a glimpse of the camera-clad crowd waiting for sunset. There was even a big ~professional~ crew there, blocking off half of the beach, which kinda pissed me off. Alas, life goes on.

This was an iPhone pic, but take my word on this beach's beauty.

xx Alyssa