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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Uh... Sorry For The Month-Long Hiatus

          Hello hello hello, lovely readers. Here's a short and sweet apology for my absence during the month of May: sorry! Let me update you on the past month of my life.

me outside of Trans-Pecos (a music venue in Brooklyn) during my first week of freshman year, and me in the same spot my last week of freshman year

          Most importantly, I finished my first year of college at Columbia University. It was hard, but I was well-prepared. I made a ton of amazing friends - people I feel like I've been waiting to meet my whole life - and also admired a lot of people from afar. I went from wanting to study Visual Art and Art History to maybe English or Architecture or Urban Studies (what is that? I'm not completely sure but it sounds interesting) to maybe I should try to take some Computer Science classes to hey, I think should just stick with Art and Art History. I'm pretty comfortable with my printmaking and postmodernism.

           The next most important thing is the fact that I'm living in New York City over the summer. I didn't really expect to stay here. My original plan was to go back to California and get a retail job somewhere that I wouldn't mind driving to everyday (like a store on PCH in Malibu) to save up some money. Instead, I applied for a grant through my school - which I got - that payed for my summer rent. While I'm here, I'm interning for Marchesa. I just started last week, so I don't have much to say about it yet, but I'm excited to gain some experience in the fashion industry and see if it's something I'd want to pursue post-graduation.

           The band that I sing in, Gold Medal, finally finished mixing the songs for our debut EP. We're just finishing up the mastering and choosing artwork, and then we'll put it up on our Bandcamp page. The EP will also be released on cassette, which I'm really excited about. In terms of my solo musical endeavors, I've been saving up money to buy myself a nice used guitar and amp. I've been writing a lot with the goal to have an EP (or even a short album) out by the end of the summer.

          Other that writing and recording music, I've been doing a ton of music reading. So far this summer I've read the 33 1/3 books on My Bloody Valentine's Loveless and Belle & Sebastian's If You're Feeling Sinister. I've also read Stuart David's memoir of Belle & Sebastian's formative year, In The All Night Cafe, and I'm currently working on Please Kill Me, a massive collective of testimonies from the musicians that pioneered punk. Other than music books, I read my mom's old copy of Franny and Zooey, and Eileen Myles' Chelsea Girls.

          Being in New York over the summer is kinda lonely, but in a good way. I have some friends from college that are living here but I don't see them with the frequency that I did during the school year. The city is a good place to learn more about yourself, and I'm taking full advantage of that, going out on adventures by myself and not saying a word to a single person (except maybe to call my mom) on my days off. All this time alone has got me thinking: I should focus more on my blog! I didn't set aside a ton of time for it during the school year, and I want that to change. I feel like I've definitely gotten better at writing, so I want to put a greater focus on the written word aspect of this blog from now on. 

xx Alyssa